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A new tinyhouse on wheels

A new tinyhouse on wheels

A wooden house with a sauna, insulated for year-round use, measuring 6.6 m x 2.55 m.

The house is registered in ARK (Vehicle Registration Department).

Thermal wood facade, double glazed plastic windows, wood-fired sauna heater with a hot water tank, heated from the inside.

The interior of the house has wooden finishing boards.

Metal roof.

Furnishings include kitchen furniture, stove, refrigerator, extractor hood, sofa/bed.

The house is heated by an indoor-heated glass-doored sauna stove, and if needed, an air-to-air heat pump can be installed (not included in the price). The house has a hot water boiler; the water system can be connected to the incoming pipeline and collection tank, and the electrical system can be connected to the power grid outside the house. There’s a separate room in the house prepared for a toilet. If the client wishes, we can install a toilet bowl there or provide a portable toilet.

The house can also be purchased with a car loan.

The house will be delivered free of charge within Estonia.

Price: 29 000 € SOLD!

The new house will be finished around the end of the summer!


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What is a small house on wheels?

If you dream of a holiday in your small cottage, but you do not have a plot of land or a cottage, then we deal with such mobile homes that you can ride and rest wherever you want, for example in RMK recreation areas or somewhere by the lake without owning an expensive plot of land.

Mobile water systems and washrooms can be added to the houses. The heating system can be solved with a small fireplace or gas stove. Electricity can be generated from a generator, mains, solar panels or inverter.

We build the house from the assembly of the trailer with suitable dimensions to the last slat. Follow us on facebook: Tiny Houses building on wheels

Why choose a small house on wheels?